Jim Britton Class Act Catering

Class Act Catering gets upgraded equipment

Here is a short Q&A with Josh Theim, Owner of Mobile Kitchen Systems regarding his long-standing client, Jim Britton, owner of Class Act Catering.  

How long have you supplied equipment for Jim at Class Act Catering?  We have been working/renting Class Act Catering equipment for about 7 years.

Why did Jim at Class Act Catering decide to upgrade his equipment?   Jim was interested in upgrading his cooking line, he had some aging equipment and the volume of his business had been increasing of late.

Was the equipment for a specific event?  How long will he be renting it? This was a sale of appliances to Jim at Class Act Catering.  We only work with long-established rental customers who request equipment. There are plenty of equipment dealers out there that handle equipment sales.

What kind of events have you partnered with Jim on?  Jim’s and Class Act Specialty is Crab Cakes and Fried Chicken. Fryers and Sterno boxes are his primary rental items.

What is the best tasting food that Jim makes at Class Act Catering?  If you have had some of his food, Jim makes awesome crab cakes and fried chicken.

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